We offer a series of seminars, focusing on one hand on the instruments we play and their particularities, and on the other hand on musical traditions, classical and folk, from the region of Greece and Turkey. These seminars focus on musical practice, theory, improvisation and composition in Ottoman classical and Greek traditional music.


Violin & Varied Repertoire


In this seminar special techniques on the violin are taught. Techniques that give the violin the capacity to interpret a wide variety of traditions in Greece and the Balkans: scales of modal music as well as improvisation and rhythmical elements. Melodies from all over Greece are taught as well as repertory from Turkish and Arabic classical and arabesque music.


Ney & Ottoman Classical Music


This seminar offers a practical approach to the Ottoman classical music and especially on religious and classical repertoire, usually interpreted by the ney, the voice and other instruments. As the voice is a point of reference for the musical system of the makam this seminar is not only directed to wind-players and instrumentalists but also to singers or simply music-lovers that want to learn more about a musical system different from their own, the use of the voice in it as a means of creating melodies and compositions very rich in expressive mediums and details.


Oud & Traditional Greek Music

Trio B&W

This seminar offers an introduction to the scales, the melodic intervals as well as characteristic rhythms-dances in the musical traditions of Greece. We study and practice repertoire from various regions of Greece as well as on improvising. If there is special interest by participants, vocal repertoire can also be studied and vocal techniques can be explained. It is also possible to focus on chant and musical notation in Byzantine music.



Although it is not necessary, participants could have experience in classical orchestral instruments,  or be interested in the peculiarities of the intervals of modal musical traditions, for example bow-instruments players or wind players. The seminars are offered in Greek, Spanish or English language.


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