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Ángeles video

Just a week before Neda’s long-awaited concert, after almost 4 years, in Athens next Saturday, December 1st, in Baumstrasse, we received this gift from Barcelona: “Ángeles” from the first Neda’s album, with Jennifer Blanco’s improvisation. Thank you Jennifer! -Ángeles- 6 Violins & Improvisation in Cello: Giorgos Papaioannou Composition of music: Christos Barbas Dance: Jennifer Blanco […]

Winter concerts in Brussels & Tilburg

Neda is going to give 2 concerts, and a workshop the weekend of 12-13 December in Belgium/Brussels and Tilburg/Holland. Here is the info about the events: Saturday 12 December Tilburg – Ursulinen Kapel Concert: 20:00 Sunday 13 December Brussels – Art Base Concert: 19:00 Workshop: 12:00-16:00…… Alexandros Papadimitrakis on the Oud, will […]

New Cd – Neda’s Song

Our new cd is finally ready! “Neda’s Song” features 9 original compositions by Neda, 3 songs and 6 instrumental tracks 🙂 We are very happy to be able to share this project with you! A big thank you to everybody that helped in the creation of “Neda’s Song”, especially Vangelis Apostolou the sound engineer that […]

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