Ángeles video

Just a week before Neda’s long-awaited concert, after almost 4 years, in Athens next Saturday, December 1st, in Baumstrasse, we received this gift from Barcelona: “Ángeles” from the first Neda’s album, with Jennifer Blanco’s improvisation. Thank you Jennifer!

6 Violins & Improvisation in Cello: Giorgos Papaioannou
Composition of music: Christos Barbas
Dance: Jennifer Blanco

See Jennifer’s work:

Listen to the entire first album of Neda:

Winter concerts in Brussels & Tilburg

Neda is going to give 2 concerts, and a workshop the weekend of 12-13 December in Belgium/Brussels and Tilburg/Holland. Here is the info about the events:

Saturday 12 December

Tilburg – Ursulinen Kapel
Concert: 20:00

Sunday 13 December
Brussels – Art Base
Concert: 19:00
Workshop: 12:00-16:00


Alexandros Papadimitrakis on the Oud, will join Neda for these concerts.

New Cd – Neda’s Song

Untitled-1Our new cd is finally ready! “Neda’s Song” features 9 original compositions by Neda, 3 songs and 6 instrumental tracks 🙂 We are very happy to be able to share this project with you!

A big thank you to everybody that helped in the creation of “Neda’s Song”, especially Vangelis Apostolou the sound engineer that “hugged” Neda right from the start, and also Eleni Lomvardou, our graphic designer that produced such an wonderful artwork on the cd! You can buy the cd online here.

We have seen that the biggest online stores for mp3 downloads, give only a small percentage to the creators, ourselves 🙂 So when you buy a cd from a bigger company lets say, if you pay 10e for an album, less than half of this money is received, actually, by us… We have seen, and checked from our previous albums, that Cdbaby offers 90% more or less of the albums price to the selling artist. So when you pay 10e for our album (which is actually the price we fix) we receive 9e.
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